Pharma Registrations – licences et enregistrements

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PharmaRegistrations develops a drug and technologies portfolio, which adds value to clients’ marketing structures.
PharmaRegistrations’ approach is to concentrate on pharmaceuticals with an good market potential and low costs.

We are active in Prescription bound and OTC drugs. We focus our development efforts with the goal of licensing selected generics, first-to-market generics, and value added  pharmaceutical products, including Herbal drugs.

We concentrate on research areas that can be accomplished at considerably lower expense and on shorter time scales. Since we also carefully consider the low-cost production possibilities, we can supply ‘ bulk or finished packs’ at very competitive prices.

Thorough market analysis and strategy drive our development activities.
A first-to-market mentality drives our actions.

PharmaRegistration provides the realization of the whole process (*):
from the initial idea till the launch and sales of products. Our services are always in line with your marketing strategy and our expertise in the relevant regulatory and scientific requirements.

In addition to development efforts in order to complete our portfolio of drugs and technologies, PharmaRegistrations is selected by pharmaceutical companies to work on their development projects. On request of our clients, we develop line-extensions of clients’ actual products as well as new formulations fitting in your core therapeutic ranges.

If you are in search of a specific healthcare product, you may also assign us tailor-made development projects. We have 3 formulation galenists at your service.

Our pragmatic approach can get you to market quickly and cost-effectively. Which allows you to concentrate better on your core activities.